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Dear customers, Our primary focus is to explore high-quality products made in China, Korea, or Japan, spanning categories such as Home and living, Kitchen Appliances, Baby and kids items, Outdoor and Sports goods, Fashion and beauty, and more. These products are offered through various E-Commerce platforms and sold directly to customers.

Additionally, we are actively seeking partners from different countries who are interested in establishing E-commerce ventures together. Please feel free to reach out to us for further information. 


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Return & Refund Policy
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Friendly Reminder:

  1. * Electrical/Electronic Products: All electronic and electrical products are primarily exported to Southeast Asian countries and are not intended for use in Singapore.
  2. * Non-Electrical/Electronic Products: These products are suitable for use in Singapore and can also be exported.
  3. * Exchange and Return Policy: Due to varying customs policies in different countries, exported products cannot be returned or refunded. However, our company conducts inspections and testing on every product to ensure quality before shipping.

Important Notes: In some cases, customers may receive damaged products, typically due to third-party logistics during the transportation process. If such a situation arises, please immediately email our company management, and simultaneously negotiate with your shipping and insurance companies.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us: 

Email: info@rc-global.asia Whatsapp: +65 9111 9496


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